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All the coloured photos are taken in pure natural conditions and depict fully free butterflies. I add some main synonims, unfortunately, in many cases the nomenclature, especially generic, is still unstable and I am not able to adduce all the circulating synonyms. The main regions are indicated where pictures were taken.

(Click an image to enlarge and see a detailed legend, often a story why this butterfly or its very shot is interesting)

                  N Y M P H A L I D A E

Euphyidryas aurinia              Altai Mts.                  


Euphydryas (aurinia) banghaasi  Altai Mts.            






Euphydryas asiatica             N. Tien-Shan           
   (= Euphydryas alexandrina)

Euphydryas davidi               Transbaikalia          
   (= Euphydryas siberica)


Euphydryas intermedia           Altai Mts.             



                                Magadan Province        

Euphydryas maturna              Novosibirsk Province    

                                Altai Mts.


                                Kemerovo Province

Euphydryas iduna                Magadan Region, Altai  
                                Altai Mts.            



Melitaea didyma                 Novosibirsk Region    

Melitaea didymoides             Transbaikalia         

Melitaea latonigena             Altai Mts., Tuva      




Melitaea sutchana               Transbaikalia         


Melitaea romanovi               Transbaikalia         

Melitaea infernalis             N. Tien-Shan          

Melitaea arcesia                Altai Mts.              
   (= Melitaea baicalensis)

Melitaea cinxia                 Altai Mts. 
                                Novosibirsk Province


Melitaea phoebe                 Novosibirsk Province, Altai Mts.                  



Melitaea diamina                Transbaikalia          

                                Altai Mts.                  

Mellicta athalia                Novosibirsk Region     
                                Altai Mts.        

Mellicta ambigua                Transbaikalia         

Mellicta alatauica              N. Tien-Shan          

Mellicta britomartis            Novosibirsk, Altai Mts.  

Mellicta menetriesi             Novosibirsk

                                Altai Mts.          


Mellicta plotina                Novosibirsk Province




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