Melitaea romanovi Grum-Grshimailo, 1891.

A spider captured a female of a nice and subtle fritillary species confined to dry short-grass steppes of true Central Asia. The species is named in the honour of The Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhaylovich Romanov (1859-1919), a grandson of Nikolai the First, an owner of a large butterfly collection and the editor of "Memores sur les Lepidopteres".

Range: Central China, Mongolia, and the very southern Transbaikalia.

ssp.: puella Higgins, 1941; range: ? Transbaikalia.

A short-grass steppe, on the northern bank of a brackish Lake Zun- Torei at the foot of the hill Chikhalan , Onon district, Chita Province, S Transbaikalia (Dahuria), Siberia, Russia. 13th July 1996. O. Kosterin.

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