Mellicta menetriesi (Caradja, 1895) (= Melitaea menetriesi; = Mellicta centralasiae (Wnukowsky, 1929); = Melitaea centralasiae; = Melitaea mongolica Staudinger, 1892).

Range: Siberia east of the upper Ob' River Basin, Amurland, Mongolia, NE Asia, Kamchatka.

ssp.: centralasiae Wnukowsky, 1929 (= mongolica Staudinger, 1892); range: Siberia, NE to the Central Yakutia.

A female; wings open.

A bushy meadow on the second right bank terrace of the Koen River at the mouth of the Volchikha Rivulet, just downstream of the village Nizhnii Koen, Iskitim District, Novosibirsk Province, West Siberia, Russiae. 4th July 1992. O. Kosterin.

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