Mellicta menetriesi (Caradja, 1895) (= Melitaea menetriesi; = Mellicta centralasiae (Wnukowsky, 1929); = Melitaea centralasiae; = Melitaea mongolica Staudinger, 1892).

Range: Siberia east of the upper Ob' River Basin, Amurland, Mongolia, NE Asia, Kamchatka.

ssp.: centralasiae Wnukowsky, 1929 (= mongolica Staudinger, 1892); range: Siberia, NE to the Central Yakutia.

A male, wings closed, on Myosotis sp.

An alpine meadow on a southern slope in the valley of the left headwater of the Chikty Rivulet, 2600 m above sea level, the southern principle slope of the Yuzhno-Chuiskii mountain range, the upper Dzhazator River basin, Kosh-Agach District, Altai Republic, West Siberia, Russia. 10th July 1998. O. Kosterin.

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