Melitaea didymoides Eversmann, 1847.

This species belongs to a group of almost vicariant species close to Melitaea didyma (Esper, 1779).

Range: Tuva Republic, the East Sayan, the southern Baikal region, S and E Transbaikalia, the upper Amurland, S Primorye, E Mongolia, NE China.

ssp.: didymoides Eversmann, 1847; range: the western part of the range.

A male, wings closed.

A steppefied meadow at Lake Butyvken, surrounded by a magnificent pine forest within a steppe zone called Tsasucheiskii Bor, 10 km SW of the village Nizhnii Tsasuchei, Onon District, SE Chita Province, Transbaikalia, Siberia, Russia. 4th July 1996. O. Kosterin.

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