Melitaea phoebe (Schifermueller, 1775) - Knapweed Fritillary.
Range: the arid and areas steppes of Euroasia east to the Lena River, Amurland and NE China.
ssp.: changaica Seitz, 1892; range: S and C Tuva, S Transbaikalia, Mongolia.
A copulating pair, wings closed.
The southern slope, covered with a short-grass steppe, of the hill Chikhalan on the northern bank of a brackish Lake Zun-Torei, Onon district, Chita Province, S Transbaikalia (Dahuria), Siberia, Russia. 12th July 1996. O. Kosterin.
Ареал: аридные и семиаридные области Евразии на восток до р. Лена, Приамурья и СВ Китая.
ssp.: changaica Seitz, 1892; ареал: Ю и Ц Тува, Ю Забайкалье, Монголия.

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