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All the photos are taken in pure natural conditions and depict fully free butterflies and moths. Some b/w shots was made in captivity, that can be indicated in each peculiar case upon request. I add some main synonims, unfortunately, in many cases the nomenclature, especially generic, is still unstable and I am not able to adduce all the circulating synonyms (especially in moths). The main regions are indicated where pictures were taken.

(Click an image to enlarge and see a detailed legend, often a story why this butterfly or its very shot is interesting)


Lethe marginalis                Khabarovskiy Kray

Kirinia eversmanni              N. Tien-Shan            +
   (= Esperarge eversmanni)

Kirinia epaminondas             Primorye
   (=Lethe epaminondas)                                        2

Kirinia epimenidis              Transbaikalia           +
   (=Lethe epimenidis)

                                Khabarovskiy Kray

Pararge aegeria                 Crimea                  +


Lopinga achine                  Novosibirsk Region      +    bw

Crebeta deidamia                Transbaikalia
 " -                           Krasnoyarsk
 " -                           Altai Mts.                   

Ninguta schrenckii              Khabarovskiy Kray  

Lasiommata megera               Crimea                 

Lasiommata maera                Novosibirsk Region      + +

                                W. Caucasus

Lasiommata petropolitana        Novosibirsk, Omsk R.    +    bw
- " -                           Kemerovo Region         +


Melanargia galathea Crimea + - " - Stavropol Region bw Melanargia russiae Novosibirsk Province + + bw Altai Mts., Krasnoyarskii Krai     Melanargia halimede Transbaikalia + Ypthima multistriata Khabarovskiy Kray
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