Agriades pheretiades (Eversmann, 1843).

Range: the Saur, Tarbagatai, Dzhungarian Alatau, Tien Shan, Ghissaro-Darvaz, Pamiro-Ala Mts.

ssp.: pheretiades (Eversmann, 1843); range: the Saur, Tarbagatai, Dzhungarian Alatau Mts.

A male, wings closed.

An alpine meadow on the right bank terrace of the fourth tributary of the Sargir River (the Usek River basin), altitude 3200 m, 47 km NEN of Zharkent, 21 km NEN of village Sarybel', the mountain massif Tyshkantau, the Southern Dzhungarian Alatau mountain chain (NE part of Tien Shan), Zharkent District, Taldy-Kurgan Province, SE Kazakhstan. 27th of July 1994. O. Kosterin.

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