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All the photos are taken in pure natural conditions and depict fully free butterflies and moths. I add some main synonims, unfortunately, in many cases the nomenclature, especially generic, is still unstable and I am not able to adduce all the circulating synonyms.

(Click an image to enlarge and see a detailed legend, often a story why this butterfly or its very shot is interesting)

Thecla betulae                  Omsk, Altai Mts.           

Neozephyrus quercus             Crimea                  
   (=Quercusia quercus)

Fixsenia herzi                  Transbaikalia           

Fixsenia pruni                  Novosib., Transbaikalia 

Nordmania prunoides             Transbaikalia 

	                        Altai Mts., Novosibirsk Province                  


Nordmannia w-album              Transbaikalia           



Nordmannia latior               Transbaikalia           

Neolycaena davidi               Transbaikalia           

Neolycaena irkuta               Tuva                    

Callophrys rubi                 Novosibirsk Region      

Callophrys suaveola             N Tien-Shan             

Callophrys titanus              Tadjikistan              

Ahlbergia frivaldszkyi          Novosibirsk Province


Lycaena phlaeas                 Transbaikalia           
- " -                           Omsk and Novosibirsk R.     

                                W. Caucasus

Lycaena helle                   Novosibirsk Province

                                W. Caucasus

Thersamonia thersamon           N. Kazakhstan               

Thersamonolycaena violacea      Transbaikalia           

Thersamolycaena dispar          W Caucasus 
                                Omsk, Novosibirsk


Heodes alciphron                Novosibirsk Province      

Heodes tityrus                  Omsk Province

                                W. Caucasus

Heodes virgaureae               Novosibirsk Region 
- " -                           Omsk                        
                                Khabarovskiy Kray


Heodes hippothoe                Altai,Transbaikalia     


Niphanda fusca                  Transbaikalia           
                                Khabarovskiy Kray



Everes alcetas                  Novosibirsk Province      

Everes argiades                 Transbaikalia 
                                Khabarovskiy Kray

Everes argiades                 Altai Mts. 
                                Novosibirsk Province 

Tongeia fischeri                Transbaikalia, Novosibirsk Province


                                Altai Mts.         


Cupido minimus                  Novosibirsk Province, Altai

	                        W Caucasus    


Celastrina argiolus             Novosibirsk Region     

Glaucopsyche alexis             Omsk                   

Glaucopsyche lycormas           Transbaikalia          
                                Novosibirsk Province          

Scolitantides orion             Altai Mts.

Maculinea arion                 Novosibirsk Province  

Maculinea (arion) cyanecula     Altai Mts. 

Maculinea nausithous            Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Provinces

Maculinea teleius               Novosibirsk, Altai Mts.   

Maculinea alcon                 Altai Mts.

Plebejus lucifera               Altai Mts.                


Plebejus argus                  Novosibirsk, Khakasia   







                                 Khabarvskiy Kray

Plebejus idas ongodai            Altai



Plebejus idas sailjugemicus          Altai 


Plebejus idas subsolanus             Tuva

-                                    Khakasia                  

Plebejus idas arcticus               Magadan Province

Plebejus argyrognomon                Altai              

Plebejus pylaon                      Altai.              

Vacciniina optilete             Transbaikalia           

                                Magadan Province, Kamchatka


                                Altai Mts.                   

Plebejidea cyane               Novosib. R., Altai Mts., Transbaikalia            
   (= Glabroculus cyane; = Sublysandra cyane)        

Polyommatus icarus              Novosibirsk Province      
                                Altai Mts.         
                                W. Caucasus

Polyommatus icadius             Altai Mts.              

Polyommatus eros                Stavropol'skii Krai Province       

Polyommatus erotides            Altai Mts.              

Polyommatus kamtschadalis       Kamchatka               
                                Magadan Region          

Plebicula amanda                Novosibisk Province, Tuva 
                                Altai Mts.                   

Plebicula thersites             Novosibirk Province, Altai Mts.

Aricia agestis                  Crimea, NW Caucasus

Aricia artaxerxes               Novosibirsk Province, Transbaikalia 
   (= Aricia allous auct.)

				Altai Mts.

                                Kemerovo Province

Aricia chinensis                Transbaikalia           

Aricia nicias                   Altai Mts.                 

Eumedonia eumedon               Altai Mts., Novosibirsk Province 

                                W. Caucasus

Agriades glandon                Altai Mts.              
   (= Agriades aquilo auct.)    Transbaikalia           

Agriades pheretiades            N. Tian-Shan            

Albulina orbitulus              Altai Mts.              
   (= Albulina atys)            



Cyaniris semiargus              Altai, Novosibirsk Province 


Lysandra corydonius             W Caucasus                


Agrodiaetus damon               Altai


Agrodiaetus damone              Altai, Khakasia            



Meleageria daphnis              Crimea                  

various blues                   Atai




Polycaena timur                 N. Tian-Shan            

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