Cupido minimus (Fuessly, 1775) - Little Blue.
Range: the temperate Euroasia north to the Polar regions.
ssp.: minimus (Fuessly, 1775); range: except for the Pacific regions.
A copulating pair; wings closed.
A meadow at a small asp grove at a granite crest of a ridge of a moderate elevation Adon-Chelon, at the mountain Tsagan-Obo, 10 km NNW of the village Tasyrkhoi, SE Chita Province (Dahuria), Transbaikalia, Siberia, Russia, 21st June 1995. O. Kosterin.

Ареал: умеренная Евразия к северу до полярных регионов.
ssp.: minimus (Fuessly, 1775); ареал: кроме притихоокеанских регионов.

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