Four more symbiotic mutants obtained using EMS mutagenesis of line SGE

 Tsyganov, V.E.1, Voroshilova, V.A.1,               1All-Russia Res. Inst. for Agric., St. Petersburg, Russia

Rozov, S.M.2, Borisov, A.Y.1 and                       2Inst. of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Tikhonovich I.A.1


      Previously we described isolation of series of symbiotic mutants (4) on laboratory line SGE (3). In this study four new symbiotic mutants: SGENod--6, SGENod--7, SGEFix--3 and SGEFix--4 were obtained using EMS mutagenesis (0.15% EMS during 10 h) of line SGE. Mutant SGENod--6 is unable to form any nodules, mutant SGENod--7 forms few or no nodules. Mutants SGEFix--3 and SGEFix--4 form pink-greenish non-fixing nodules. Tests for allelism have revealed that mutant SGENod--6 is allelic to mutant E69 (sym7) (2), mutant SGEFix--3 is allelic to mutant P63 (sym26) (1, and G. Duc, M. Sagan, pers. comm.). For mutants SGENod--7 and SGEFix--4 tests for allelism have not been completed yet.


 Acknowledgement: This work was supported by RFBR (98-04-49883).


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