Pisum Genetics 

Volume 24


Germplasm/New Cultivar

page 92

Pisum Genetic Stocks Centre

From January 1993 the John Innes Institute is to take over responsibility for the genetic stocks (type and representative lines) associated with the Pisum gene list previously held by the Nordic Gene Bank. The base collection will continue to be maintained at the Nordic Gene Bank. The consignment of genetic stocks not already held by the John Innes Institute are due to be transferred at the end of 1992 and should be available soon after. The building of databases relating to these stocks is well in hand and the Institutes will work together over the next few years to meet requests for stocks and information. The Institutes will continue to work together to ensure that duplicates of all samples are entered into the base collection.

All requests concerning genetic stocks should now be sent to Mike Ambrose at the John Innes Institute, Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UH, UK (TEL +603 52571, FAX +603 56844). Samples of type and representative lines associated with the gene list, as well as accompanying reprints, should also be sent to the same address.

Mike Ambrose

Gene Symbol Coordinator of PGA and manager of

John Innes Pisum Collection

Stig Blixt

Director of the Nordic Gene Bank

* * * * *

Wt10745, a line with genotype Pur pu

Purple pods in pea are conferred by the duplicate dominant genes Pur and Pu located on chromosomes 1 and 3, respectively (Lamprecht, H., Agri Hort. Genet. 6:10-48, 1948; 19:360-401, 1961). Unfortunately, the genotype (Pur Pu, Pur pu or pur Pu) is mostly not defined for purple podded lines held in major gene banks (e.g. Nordic Gene Bank, John Innes Institute, and Wiatrowo). The exceptions are NGB577 = JI60 (Pur Pu), and NGB1238 = JI73 = Wt11238 (purb pu) which has the purb allele for partial colouring of the pod (but very weak expression). We have recently shown that line Wt10745 has genotype Pur pu since monohybrid segregation for purple pods was observed in the F2 of cross Wt10745 x Wt11288 (pur pu) and the gene for purple pods showed significant linkage (joint c2 = 17.7, recombination fraction 22.3 5.5%) with chromosome 1 marker D. Wt10745 is available from the Pisum Genetics Stock Centre, Plant Breeding Station, Wiatrowo, Wagrowiec 62100, Poland, as a representative line for gene Pur.

Apisitwanich, S.

Dept of Genetics, Kasetsart Univ., Bangkok, Thailand

Swiecicki, W.K.

Inst of Plant Genetics, Poznan, Poland

* * * * *

New variety "Sol"

In 1992, the new variety for dry seeds, Sol was registered in Poland. Sol was derived from the cross Ludik x Paloma. It is resistant to Erisiphe poligoni, has a stem length of 75-85 cm, yellow cotyledons, normal leaf and stipule morphology and TGW of 250 g. Sol was bred at the Plant Experiment Station, Wiatrowo and the farm of Poznan Plant Breeders, Poland.

W.K.Swiecicki and W.Swiecicki