PNL Volume 20
1988          PREFACE
The Pisum Genetics Association (PGA) is a non-profit, unincorporated organization established to facilitate the exchange of information and to ensure the preservation of valuable genetic stocks. The number of PGA members now stands at 190.
Membership in the PGA is open to all interested per­sons. Dues are $15.00 for two years (U.S. currency) and are used to help defray the costs of publishing the Pisum Newsletter (PNL). Members are encouraged to pay dues for two or more years to simplify bookkeeping. Please make prime banker's checks or international money orders payable to PISUM GENETICS ASSOCIATION and send to G. A. Marx, De­partment of Horticultural Sciences, New York State Agricul­tural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY 14456 USA. The PNL will be sent upon receipt of dues.
To facilitate rapid communication with the Editor, please note the availability of the following Telex and FAX numbers: Telex-6717017; FAX-1-315-787-2397.
Regrettably, extenuating circumstances prevented us from offering the eagerly awaited updated list of genes with descriptions in this volume of the PNL. Our hope is that the list will be ready for inclusion in PNL Vol. 21.
We gratefully acknowledge the continuing financial sup­port ($600) of the National Pea Improvement Association and the extraordinary gift ($1,000) from the Del Monte Corpora­tion. These donations have meant the difference between survival and insolvency.
Although we don't yet have an updated gene list, we proudly offer a five-year cumulative index (1983-1987). Once again Ms. Charlotte Pratt has given of her time and expertise so that we might enjoy the used of this valuable aid. This is a time-consuming task and one that requires experience, ski LI, and good judgment. We are most grateful. Additional thanks are due to others who have made this issue of the PNL possible. As usual, a vital and principal contributor to the overall endeavor is Mrs. Frances Van Kirk, a longtime manager of our affairs. She typed (and retyped) and laid out the entire copy. Keyboarding of the Index was a part of this preparation. She also continued to handle all financial and clerical matters. We also wish to thank our loyal and competent crew in our Publications De­partment for their services. Finally, we extend plaudits to our reviewers tor their helpful contribution.
Telex & Fax
Gene List
2                        PNL Volume 20 1988 COVER
Financial Report
The financial report for the period 4/1/87-3/31/88: Balance, 3/31/87                                                    $' 80.33
Dues                                                    1030.00
Donations                                           1600.00
Total                                                                              2630.00
Postage                                                201.56
Publishing costs                              770.66
Bank charges                                        35.18
Bookkeeping                                          66.50
Typing                                                  536.50
Total                                                                               1610.40
Balance, 3/31/88                                                         1099.93
G. A. Marx
for the Coordinating Committee:
S.   Blixt                           I.   C. Murfet
E.   Gritton                      B.   Sharma
G.   A. Marx                      B.   Snoad
L.   Monti