PNL Volume 20
'TKEMONT SCOTCH' - From a cross of 'Campbell Scotch' by 211C (a breeding
line from Western Valley Seed Company). Tremont Scotch is a round, green
seeded variety with a zigzag, determinate vine. It has dark green foli-
age. It was 5 cm shorter than 'Alaska' and 15 cm shorter than Campbell
Scotch, and first bloom for the new variety occurred 10 and 8 days later
than for Alaska and Campbell Scotch, respectively, in trials at Davis,
California. It averaged 14 pods per plant in these trials. Tremont
Scotch seed has the same color characteristics as Campbell Scotch and in
sensory evaluations it has not been distinguished from Campbell Scotch.
The new variety is resistant to common wilt (F. oxysporum race 1), enation
mosaic virus, and race 5 of F_. oxysporum. U.S. Plant Variety Protection
Certificate 8700075 has been granted for this new pea variety.
S. J. Warnock
Campbell Institute for Research 5 Technology
Davis, California, USA
'IKAR1. Registered in 1987. Bred from cross 'Finale' x 'J upiter'. Stem
length about 70 cm. Improved resistance to lodging; white flowers; TGW -
280 g. Seeds smooth, yellow, of good cooking quality. Seed yield higher
than the standard Polish cultivar 'Opal'.
W. K. Swiecicki and K. Leraczyk
Plant Breeding Station Wiatrowo
62-100 Wagrowiec, Poland
'Alaska 81'
Alaska 81 is an F2 derived line from the fourth backcross ol
'Campbells Scotch' with Wis 7105, a germplasm line that is immune to pea
seedborne mosaic virus. Campbells Scotch, the recurrent parent , is an
early flowering (9th node), smooth, green-seeded cultivar. Alaska 81 is
resistant, to seed bleaching and has good canning qualities after rehydra-
tion. The smooth green seeds of Alaska 81 provide excellent quality split
peas. The cultivar is immune to pea seedborne mosaic virus, resistant to
race I of Fusarium wilt, and tolerant to pea root rot.
Umatilla originated as an FD selection of a cross between J! 34, a
line from the John Innes Institute in Norwich, England., and
-42, a selection from PI 244251. Umatilla has averaged 87 cm tall
has a double podding habit. The pods of Umatilla lack parchment and
resistant to shattering. Seeds of Umatilla are medium sized, smooth,
bright yellow. Umatilla is resistant to Fusarium wLU rare 1 and
tolerant to pea root rot.
F. J. Muehlbauer
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service
Pullman, Washington