Five Pea Cultivars Licensed in Canada
Five new dry yellow pea cultivars have been licensed in
Canada recently. 'Tipu' and 'Titan' were developed by Dr. S. T.
Ali-Khan, Agriculture Canada, Morden, Manitoba. Tipu is a.semi-
leafless backcross derivative of 'Century' and is similar to Cen-
tury in other respects. The 1000-seed weight of Titan is slightly
higher than for Century and it has a 9% yield advantage over Cen-
tury .
Two pea cultivars from Svalof have been licensed also.
'Victoria' was licensed in 1984. The 1000-seed weight of Victoria
is intermediate between Century and the small-seeded cultivar
'Trapper' and it has an 8% yield advantage over Century.
'Fortune' was licensed in 1986. It has a 1000-seed weight similar
to Victoria -and a 14% yield advantage over Century. Canadian
rights to these two Svalof cultivars are shared by United Grain
Growers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Newfield Seeds, Nipawin, Sas-
katchewan .
The cultivar 'Bellevue' was developed at the Crop Development
Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, by
Dr. A. E. Slinkard. It has a 1000-seed weight similar to Victoria
and Fortune with a 15% yield advantage over Century. It is about
six days later maturing than Century, but with a shorter vine due
to the presence of the l_e_ gene for reduced internode length.
Bellevue has a tougher seed coat than other cultivars and this
will result in reduced splitting losses during harvesting and pro-
cessing .
Certified seed of Tipu and Victoria will be available for
1987 planting, and the others should be available for 1988 plan-
'ELEKTRON'. Registered in 1986. Bred from cross of [('Porta' x
'Hadmefslebener Grune') x ('Dik 1 mm' x 'Hylgro')] at Wiatrowo in
cooperation with breeders trom Czechoslovakia. Medium length
stem, about 65 <m. Improved resistance to lodging. White
flowers. Seeds smooth, yellow, TGW-260-270 g. Seed yield is the
highest among PoLish cultivars, on par with 'Belinda' (Cebeco).
Protein content 22-21%.
'PERKUN'. Registered in 1986. Bred from cross 'Finale' x 'Porta'
at Wiatrowo. Dwarf stem (55 cm). White flowers. Smooth, yellow
seeds, 270 g/TGW. High seed yield. Protein content averaging
W. Swiecicki and W. K. Swiecicki
Plant Breeding Station
Wiatrowo, 62-100 Wagrowiec, Poland