PNL Volume 19 1987 PREFACE
The Pisum Genetics Association (PGA) is a non-
profit, unincorporated organization established to
facilitate the exchange of information and to ensure
the preservation of valuable genetic stocks. The
Pisum Newsletter (PNL) is the principal means of
meeting these aims. Published annually, the PNL con-
tains reports of research findings and other develop-
ments relating to genetic variation in Pisum. The
number of PGA members now stands at 180.
Membership in the PGA is open to all interested
persons. Dues are $15.00 for two years (U.S. cur-
rency) and are used to help defray the costs of pub-
lishing the PNL (see announcement of dues change be-
low). Members are encouraged to pay dues for two or
more years to simplify bookkeeping. Please make
prime bankers' checks or international money orders
payable to PISUM GENETICS ASSOCIATION and send to G.
A. Marx, Department of Horticultural Sciences, New
York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva,
NY 14456 USA. The PNL will be sent upon receipt of
On several occasions in recent years I have
called attention to the deteriorating financial con-
dition of the PGA. A generous gift from the Del
Monte Corporation in 1985, sustained support from the
NPIA, and an increase in dues have enabled us to sur-
vive to this point. Despite these timely and signi-
ficant infusions of support, fiscal plight remains.
In fact, until a few days prior to submitting this
issue of the PNL to the printer, the financial condi-
tion of the PGA was desperate. Accordingly, a sub-
committee (S. Blixt, I. C. Murfet, and G. A. Marx)
decided to raise the dues from $5/year to $8/year
($15 for 2 years). However, that action by itself in
no way solves our problem. We have a projected
shortfall of nearly $1000 when the expenses related
to the present volume are met. Financial collapse is
inevitable unless we can find major sources of sup-
port .
While immersed in the depths of despair, strug-
gling to find a solution to our problem, we were in-
formed that Del Monte Corporation would make another
very substantial contribution of $1,000, thus alle-
viating our immediate problem. This largess was ar-
ranged through the good offices of L. G. Cruger, a
benefactor of long standing. Nevertheless, we are
compelled to press forward with the increase in dues.
Our present policy stipulates that PNL articles
may not be cited unless prior approval is obtained
from the author(s). This policy has now been
changed. Authors who submit articles in 1988 (Vol.
20) and thereafter are asked to specify at the time
Fiscal Facts
Policy Change
PNL Volume 19
of submission if they do not wish to have their ar-
ticles cited. When published, such papers will be
identified by some suitable means so that the reader
will know if the article should not be cited. A re-
minder of this change will appear in our annual Call
for Papers letter.
For typing the entire text of this volume in her
usual exacting manner, we are again indebted to Mrs.
Frances Van Kirk. Occasionally, as many as three
drafts are required before the editor ceases making
changes and approves the final version. She also
handles all financial transactions and business cor-
respondence. We are grateful that she willingly per-'
forms, all these vital services while officially re-
tired .
We also wish to recognize and acknowledge the
professional services provided by staff members in
the Publications Department: Elaine Gotham (art and
composition), Bruce Moore (printer), and John Truini
Special thanks are extended to Dr. I. C. Murfet
for reviewing and re-editing the entire volume. He
found and corrected numerous errors prior to prin-
ting, thus benefitting us all.
A list of pea genes with descriptions last ap-
peared in PNL 10, 1978. Since then a substantial
number of new mutants and biochemical variants have
been isolated, described, and named. It is our in-
tention to publish an updated list of genes and des-
criptors next year in PNL Vol. 20.
The financial report for the period 4/1/86-
Vielen Dank
Financial Report
Balance, 4/1/86
Dues collected
Bank charges
Balance, 3/31/87
$ 903.46
7 37.00
G. A. Marx
for the Coordinating Committee
S. Blixt L. Monti
W. Gottschalk I. Murfet
E. Gritton B. Sharma
G. Marx B. Snoad