PNL Volume 16
Pedzinski, M.
Garden Plant Breeding Station
Nochowo, Poland
'PEGAZ ' ('Cud Kelvedonu' x ' Brtllant'). Dwarf (40-60 cm), early
variety (65-73 days). Pods ripen simultaneously, 1-2 per peduncle, 8-20
per plant, and are well-filled (7-10) with large, green seeds. Pegaz is
resistant to BYMV. It is suitable for freezing and canning; it has a
relatively low starch content (1-4%), a relatively high sugar content
(9.09%), and good flavor and aroma.
' BENIAMINEK ' ( ' Bordewunder ' x 'Cud Kelvedonu'). Medium-late
variety (80-85 days) with a stiff, short stem (65-80 cm). Seeds (7-8
per pod) are dark-green, of a medium size, with high content of sugar
and extract. Its dense plant habit and uniform ripening are special
advantages. This cultivar is high-yielding and resistant to BYMV.
'TOPAZ ' ('Hada' x 'Szlachetna Perla' ). Length of stem is
80-100 cm, number of internodes 21-27. About 60% of plants show a
tendency to branching. The plant bears two pods per peduncle with 7-10
seeds per pod. Seeds are dark-green, of a medium size, and dense in
pod. Late variety, but earlier than 'Nike', with uniform ripening.
Suitable for freezing and canning.