60 PNL Volume 16 1984
Myers, J. R. and E. T. Gritton Department of Agronomy
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI USA
Fourteen male sterile pea mutants have been studied during the past
four years. These mutants were maintained through segregating families
because of their low degree of self-fertility. Tests of allelism
demonstrated that several mutants from different sources are allelic.
The data indicate that G.71A (ms-2) and G.98 (ms-4) are conditioned by
the same gene. Since these gene symbols have been previously assigned,
ms_2 should be considered the valid symbol with ms-4 as a synonym. We
were unable to test for allelism with ms-1 because this gene is extinct.
In all, ten unique genes have been distinguished and are shown in
Table 1. All are conditioned by homozygous recessive alleles at a
single locus and linkage relations have been determined for most genes.
Cytology of ms-2 and ms-3 has been studied by Gottschalk and col-
leagues (1-5). Among the other male steriles, ms-6 and ms-10 exhibited
meiotic abnormalities. The remaining male steriles degenerated after
meiosis (Table 2). Both ms-3 and ms-10 showed a high degree of female
sterility. All other male steriles possessed normal female fertility.
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PNL Volume 16 1984