PNL Volume 14
The Pisum Genetics Association (PGA) is a non-profit, unincor-
porated organization established to facilitate the exchange of
information and to ensure the preservation of valuable genetic stocks.
The number of PGA members now stands at 187.
Membership in the PGA is open to all interested
persons. Dues are %3.00 annually (U.S. currency) and
are used to help defray the costs of publishing the
PNL. Members are encouraged to pay dues for two or
more years to simplify bookkeeping. Please make prime
bankers checks or money orders payable to Pisum
Genetics Association and send to G. A. Marx, Department
of Seed and Vegetable Sciences, New York State
Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY 14456,
USA. The PNL will be sent upon receipt of dues.
PNL Volume 14 represents another step forward in
our effort to provide a better product. The volume was
composed entirely by computer. We are indebted to Mrs.
Porterfield for keyboarding the articles and to Mrs.
Van Kirk for attending to the multitude of organiza-
tional details. Our computer director, Dr. John
Barnard, also deserves to be singled out for special
praise. He has made it possible for us to put the com-
puter to a variety of uses, including computing linkage
estimates. He and his associates have been a key to
our progress.
Once again the National Pea Improvement
Association presented us with a generous financial gift
of %500 for two years. As in the past, this money has
been donated to the department in partial recompense
for supplies and services.
Two important projects are underway. The group
at Weibullsholm Plant Breeding Institute has accepted
responsibility for preparing an updated bibliography of
literature pertaining to pea genetics, cytogenetics,
and breeding. Publication of the bibliography is
scheduled for PNL 15. Equally encouraging is our
progress toward developing a cross-referenced index to
the PNL. This was made possible because our colleague,
Ms. Charlotte Pratt, has volunteered her services.
Before retiring last year, Ms. Pratt served as the in-
dexer for the American Society for Horticultural
Science. We are most grateful to her for giving cf her
time and talent in our behalf. A cumulative index
covering Volumes 1 through 14 is planned for next year,
in PNL 1 5.
Financial Aid
: ndex
PNL Volume 14
The financial report for the period 3/15/81 - 3/14/82:
Balance on hand 3/15/81 653-91
Dues collected: 704.00
Postage 133.92
Publishing costs 338.34
Bank charges 46.20
Balance on hand 3/14/82 839.^5
G. A. Marx, Editor
for the Coordinating Committee;
S. Blixt L. Monti
W. Gottschalk I. Murfet
E. Grit ton B. Sharma
G. Marx B. Snoad
The name Johan Rasmusson must be counted among that
select group of able and influential Swedish scientists
who contributed so much to the early literature of Pisum
genetics. Professor Rasmusson's writings make it clear
that he fully appreciated the interrelationship between
genetics and physiology. Pisum occupied his attention for
only a part of his professional career but the Pisum
literature is richer for his contributions. The cover
picture is a drawing made by Elaine Gotham from a photo
furnished by courtesy of Hilleshogs Archive, Sweden.