PNL Volume 13
With reference to the information given in PNL 1980, Vol. 12, about
the Polish Pea Gene Bank, we would like to inform PGA members that the
Catalogue of Pisum Lines has been published. The registery of 1406 accessions
consists of two parts. The lines listed in Part I follow Lehmann's key
whereas the lines in the second part are arranged according to Blixt's mutation
groups. The complete set of type-lines for Pisum alleles is also included.
The catalogue provides the basic passport information (catalogue number, the
name of line, the donor, the origin) and classification, alphabetical index,
the register of descriptors, and the common inventory of lines in two Gene
Banks, Weibullsholm and Wiatrowo. This catalogue may be ordered from the
address given below:
W. K. Swiecicki
Plant Experiment Station, Wiatrowo
62-100 Wagrowiec