Pseudochazara hippolythe (Esper, 1784) - a butterfly common in Asian steppes, a male, as in many steppen Satyridae its wing underside has a cryptic colouration.

ssp: dorriesi O. Bang-Haas 1933; range: known are the Khentei Mts. (the type locality) and the Central Tuvinian Hollow.
Russia, Siberia, Tyva Republic, the hills on the Ulug-Khem River right bank at city Kyzyl, 51o43' N 94o24' E, alt. 650-700 m, dry stony steppe. 9/VII 2000. O. Kosterin.

Республика Тыва (Тува), холмы на правом берегу рю Улуг-Хем у города Кызыл (южные отроги Уюкского хребта), 650-700 м над уровнем моря, сухая каменистая степь.

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