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All the photos are taken in pure natural conditions and depict fully free butterflies and moths. I add some main synonims, unfortunately, in many cases the nomenclature, especially generic, is still unstable and I am not able to adduce all the circulating synonyms. The main regions are indicated where pictures were taken.

(Click an image to enlarge and see a detailed legend, often a story why this butterfly or its very shot is interesting)


Leptidea sinapis                Omsk, Novosibirsk Province          

Leptidea reali                  Novosibirsk Province      

Leptidea morsei                 Novosibirsk Province      
                                Khabarovskiy Kray

Leptidea amurensis              Transbaikalia                  



Aporia crataegi                 Novosibirsk Province






                                Gornaya Shoria Mts.

Metaporia leucodice             N Tian-Shan            

Pieris brassicae                W Siberia, Tadjikistan   

Peris rapae                     Omsk                    

Pieris canidia                  Tadjikistan             

Pieris napi napi                Novosibirsk Province      
                                Altai Mts.                  


Pieris (napi) bryoniae          Magadan Province, N Tian-Shan 

Pieris (napi) pseudorapae        N. Caucasus             


Pieris (napi) melete            Khabarovskiy Kray

Pieris krueperi                 Tadjikistan             

Pontia daplidice                Omsk and Novosibirsk Province 

Pontia chloridice               Tuva                    

- " -                           Tadjikistan        

Synchloe callidice              Altai Mts.              
- " -                           Magadan Province    
- " -                           Tadjikistan        

Antocharis cardamines           Novosibirsk Region      


Euchloe ausonia                 Altai Mts., Tadjikistan 

Gonepteryx rhamni               Novosibirsk Province      


Gonepteryx farinosa             Tadjikistan             

Colias palaeno                  Magadan Region          

Colias erate                    Altaiskii Krai          

Colias hyale                    West Siberia            

Colias (nastes) mongola         Altai Mts.              

Colias tyche                    Transbaikalia           
                                Altai Mts.


Colias hyperborea               Magadan Province          

Colias chrysotheme              Altai Mts.              

Colias thisoa                   Altai Mts.              

Colias heos                     Transbaikalia           
 (= Colias aurora Esper) 

Colias crocea                   Caucasus                

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