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From the dephth of my heart I pass my gratitude to Drs. Kiyoshi INOUE and LEE Seung-Mo who made possible the marvelous trip to Japan and Korea

All the pictures were taken in pure natural conditions without any restriction to a dragonfly freedom. The letter "c" means that coloured transparences are available, "bv" means that there are black-and-white pictures.

Any use of images of this site must be accompanied with a reference to the author

(Click an image to enlarge and see the detailed legend)


Calopteryx atrata Selys                 Japan (Shikoku)        c


Calopteryx cornelia Selys               Japan (Shikoku)        c



Rhipidolestes hiraoi Yamamoto                Japan (Shikoku)        c




Indolestes peregrinus Selys             S Korea                c
                                        Japan (Honshu)         c

Lestes japonicus Selys                  Japan (Shikoku)        c


Aciagrion migratum Selys                S Korea                c

Agriocnemis femina oryzae               Japan (Shikoku)        c


Ceriagrion auranticum Selys             S Korea                c

Ceriagrion melanurum Selys              S Korea                c

Ceriagrion nipponicum Asahina           Japan (Shikoku)        c

Ischnura asiatica Brauer                S Korea                c

Ischnura senegalensis Rambur            S Korea                c

Paracercion calamorum Ris S Korea c Japan (Shikoku) Paracercion hieroglyphicum Brauer Japan (Shikoku) c Paracercion sieboldii Selys Japan (Shikoku) c PLATYCNEMIDIDAE Copera annulata Selys Japan (Honshu) Platycnemis foliacea Selys Japan (Shikoku) Platycnemis phyllopoda Djak. S Korea AESHNIDAE Aeshna nigroflava Martin Japan c Gynacantha japonica Bart. Japan (Shikoku) c Anax parthenope julius Brauer S Korea c Planaeshna milnei Selys Japan (Shikoku) c Polycanthagyna melanictera Selys Japan (Honshu) c CORDULEGASTERIDAE Anotogaster sieboldii Selys Japan (Shikoku) c GOMPHIDAE Burmagomphus collaris Needham S Korea c Onychogomphus viridicostis Japan (Shikoku) c Sieboldius albardae Selys Japan (Shikoku) c Sinictinogomphus clavatus Japan (Shikoku) c Sinogomphus flavolimbatus Oguma Japan (Shikoku) c LIBELLULIDAE Crocothemis servilia S Korea c Japan (Shikoku) c Lyriothemis pachygastra S Korea c Orthetrum albistylum speciosum Uhler S Korea c Japan c Orthetrum melania Selys S Korea, Japan Pantala flavescens Fabr. S Korea c Pseudothemis zonata S Korea c Rhyothemis fuliginosa Japan (Shikoku) c Sympetrum eroticum Selys Japan (Shikoku) c S Korea /A> Sympetrum frequens Sel. Japan (Honshu) c Sympetrum gracile Oguma Japan (Honshu) c Sympetrum kunckeli Selys Japan (Shikoku) c Sympetrum parvulum Bart. Japan (Shikoku) c Sympetrum speciosum Oguma Japan (Honshu) c
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