Neptis rivularis (Scolopi, 1763) (= Nepris lucilla (Denis et Schiffermueller 1775)) - The Hungarian Glider.

Range: The non-tropical Euroasia north to the middle taiga zone.

ssp.: coenobita (Goeze, 1779); range: Ural, West Siberian Lowland, the Kuznetskoe Nagorye upland.

A copulating pair on Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn ex Decken; wings closed.

A pine forest with dense Spiraea media Franz Schmidt bushes in the underlayer on the Berd' River valley right slope 2 km SE of the village Novososedovo, the Salairskii Kryazh elevation, Iskitim District, Novosibirsk Province, West Siberia, Russia. 21st June 1997. O. Kosterin.

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