Brenthis hecate (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775) (= Neobrenthis hecate) - Double-dashed Fritillary.

Range: S Europe, Anterior and Central Asia, S Ural, the steppen regions of W Siberia, Altai and West Sayan Mts.

ssp: warren Kudrna, 1974: Central and SE Altai.

A steppefied southern slope of small mountains on the Dzhazator River right bank in front of the Akbul Rivulet mouth, 2000 m above sea level, between the Yuzhno-Chuiskii mountain range and the Ukok Plateau, the upper Dzhazator River basin, Kosh-Agach District, Altai Republic, West Siberia, Russia. 19th July 1998. O. Kosterin.

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