Clossiana dia (Linnaeus, 1767) (= Boloria dia) - Violet Fritillary.
Range: The forest-steppe and southern forest zones and the mountains of Euroasia.
ssp.: dia (Linnaeus, 1767) - ?monotypical.
wings closed.
A dwarf birch (Betula rotundifolia Spach) montane tundra at 2200 m above sea level in the Argem (Direntai) Stream basin, 15 km W of the village Dzhazatr, on the eastern spurs of the Katunskiy Mt. Range, Kosh-Agach District, Central Altai Mts., West Siberia, Russia. 129 - 15th, 130 - 12th July, 1988. Oleg Kosterin.

Ареал: лесостепная и южная степная зоны и горы Евразии.
ssp.: dia (Linnaeus, 1767) - ?монотипический.

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