Boloria aquilonaris Stichel, 1908 (= Boloria pales D. et S. aquilonaris, = Boloria pales arsilache; = Boloria arsilache) - Cranberry Fritillary.

Range: the northern Euroasia, in moorlands and (in the East) mountains.

ssp.: banghaasi (Seitz, 1909) (= Boloria banghaasi);range: the mountains of NE Asia, East Siberia, and Mongolia; the taxomonic rank is uncertain.

Wings closed, on an inflorescence of Senecio tundricolaAn Empetrum/lichen tundra alternating with dwarf pine Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel elfin wood in the delta of the Burgauli River, the southern coast of the Koni Peninsula, Ola District, Magadan Province, Russia. 18th July, 1989. Oleg Kosterin.

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