Cyaniris semiargus (Rottemburg, 1775) (= Polyommatus semiargus) - Mazarine Blue.
Range: Morocco, the temperate Euroasia north to the forest-tundra zone.
ssp.: altaiana (Tutt, 1909); range: the mountains of South Siberia.
A copulating pair; wings closed.
A herbaceous meadow, the village Cherga, Shebalino District, Altai Republic, the Altai Mts., West Siberia, Russia. 28th June 1989 O. Kosterin.

Ареал: Марокко, умеренная Евразия на север до лесотундры.
ssp.: altaiana (Tutt, 1909); ареал: горы Южной Сибири.

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