Nordmania latior (Fixsen, 1887) (= Nordmannia spini (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775) latior; = Strymon spini latior; = Strymonidia spini latior).

Earlier it was thought that Nordmannia spini (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775) is one of the so-called amphipalaearctic species, inhabiting Europe (sometimes with Antherior Asia) and, after a tremendows gap in Siberia and Central Asia, the Pacific Regions. Recently the eastern form latior was given with a species rank by Dantchenko et al (1995, Holarctic Lepidoptera 2 (1): 27-38) based on much difference of the preimaginal phase. I think caution is necessary for taxonomic decisions based on preimaginals. My own experience hints that geographical (and, maybe, also individual) variation among preimaginals is much greater than among imagines. This maybe due to the fact that the formers have no need to identify other individuals as conspecific. So, the role of preimaginals can be overestimated.

Range: Irkutsk, E Transbaikalia, Amurland, Primorye, NE China, N Korea.

Note: species rank of the eastern form was recently proved by the study of the preimaginal phases.

ssp.: latior (Fixsen, 1887) - monotypical.

A male; wings closed.

The Onon River left bank, shaded by willow thickets, 7 km upstream of the village Nizhnii Tsasuchei, Onon District, Chita Province, SE Transbaikalia (Dahuria), Siberia, Russia. 11th July 1996. O. Kosterin.

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