Heodes hippothoe (Linnaeus, 1761) (= Lycaena hippothoe; = Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe) - Purple-edged Copper.

Copulation of normal individuals on Pedicularis anthemifolia Fisch. ex Colla.

Range: the temperate Euroasia north to polar regions or the middle taiga belt.

ssp.: saiana Kozhantshikov, 1923; range: the mountains of S Siberia and the Prilenskoe Plateau.

An alpine meadow in the valley of the headwater of the Chikty Rivulet, 2500 m above sea level, the southern principle slope of the Yuzhno-Chuiskii mountain range, the upper Dzhazator River basin, Kosh-Agach District, Altai Republic, West SIberia, Russia. 22nd July 1998. O. Kosterin.

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