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TUVA (Tyva Republic)

There is no spelling error. Traditional Russian name is 'Tuva', while the official name is derived from a more precive transliteration of self-naming 'Tyva'.

Many thanks to Prof. Tomoo Fujioka and International Dragonfly Foundation for supporting my Tuvinian expedition of 2000 when most of these photos were taken.

The Ubsu-Nur [Uvs Nor] Hollow

The Shivilig River valley

Environs of village Erzin



Steppe at Lake Tere-Khol'



The Yamalyg relic rock


The Khorumnug-Taiga Mts.

The Central Tuvivian Hollow

Mountains above Kyzyl

Koktei, the mountain Ondum






The Todzha Hollow

Lake Azas











At village Toora-Khem


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